Turning to technology

August 2020
Vol. 41, No. 4

Technology constantly creates new opportunities for professional learning. Never have those developments been as important as they are now, during the COVID-19 pandemic. This issue examines how strategies like online mentoring, bug-in-ear coaching, virtual collaboration, and video observation have built educator capacity before and during the pandemic.


The Learning Professional

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In This Issue


Technology moves from resource to lifeline

This issue examines what we’re learning as we navigate the transition to distance learning.

What teachers need now

As teaching and learning needs change, let professional learning principles guide the way.

 Do your materials measure up?

Remote learning underscores the need for quality curriculum.

 The right blend

SEL supports teacher learning in person and online.

 ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: When going online is the only option

The elements that make in-person professional learning rewarding and effective need to be in place for remote learning, too.

The human connection

Words of wisdom from webinar participants.


 Making mentoring work online

Plan a virtual lesson observation and debrief.

Assess and address gaps in student learning

Build continuity of content during the COVID era.

Through the lens of Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning

Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students.


A different kind of distance learning

Marcia Rock, one of the preeminent researchers on bug-in-ear coaching, shares insights based on her research.

 How tech can build teams

When learning moves online, the right combination of tools can build collaboration.

 Record, replay, reflect

Video provides the perfect vehicle for lesson analysis.

 Double the learning potential

Video of novice teachers can boost mentors’ development, too.


 Study explores ways to support meaningful inclusion

Two schools use different inclusion models, with implications for professional learning.

 What’s happening with distance learning?

The Center on Reinventing Public Education is analyzing trends across the U.S.

 Data points

Keeping up with the latest on school closures and professional learning.


Denise Glyn Borders

Call to action

We can structure professional learning to fight racism

Sharron Helmke

Coaches notebook

 Encourage a growth mindset in teachers

Melinda George

What we've learned

 Webinars teach us and bring us together


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