Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

steve-cardwellAs an association member, you know that Learning Forward’s mission is “Excellent teaching and learning every day.” Our board members live and breathe Learning Forward’s mission and vision every day, whether in their day-to-day positions in their organizations or through their service to Learning Forward.

We look to the members of our board to guide the direction of the association as we address our strategic priorities. They also act as ambassadors for Learning Forward and advocates for changes in policy to support and sustain leadership for effective professional learning. Finally, board members model for other leaders how they can implement the Standards for Professional Learning to improve teaching and learning for all students in every school.

If you share our commitment to professional learning and continuous improvement, I invite you to apply to be a candidate for the Learning Forward board of trustees. Take a look at these board materials and consider how you might activate that commitment by joining us on our journey to change the landscape of professional learning.

We appreciate your ongoing support of Learning Forward.


Steve Cardwell
Learning Forward

Denise Borders
Executive Director
Learning Forward

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. — John F. Kennedy