CURRENT ISSUE: Learning Better By Learning Together

June 2019
Vol. 40, No. 3

Collaboration is at the heart of effective professional learning. But collaborative learning isn’t as straightforward as getting people together in a room. This issue highlights what makes true collaborative learning work and why we learn better when we learn together.

The Learning Professional

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Nearly five million students come to U.S. schools speaking over 400 home languages. Are educators prepared to help them succeed? In this issue, experts share professional learning strategies for working more intentionally and inclusively to meet English learners’ needs.

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Take a schoolwide approach to supporting english learners
April 2019

As a professional learning specialist focused on English learners, I often hear concerns like this one from Bridget, an English learner teacher: “My colleagues in general education classrooms say they care about our school’s English learners, but when it comes to teaching them well, with high standards and the right kinds of supports, we fall...

What does 'evidence-based' mean, according to essa?
February 2019

Answers to common questions about the evidence requirements in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Open source for opening minds
December 2018

OpenSciEd is designed to shift teachers’ and students’ vision of science instruction to meet new standards.

The value of instructional materials
December 2018

Infographic highlights gaps in teachers’ knowledge and use of curricula.