Coaching for change

April 2022

This issue celebrates the many ways coaches are helping schools thrive in challenging times, and highlights how leaders, colleagues, and learning opportunities can support their growth and success.


The Learning Professional

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Coaches, we see you

At the heart of this issue of The Learning Professional is the recognition that coaches are on the front lines, just like teachers and principals.

Becoming a teacher again made me a better coach

A coach reassigned to a virtual classroom during the pandemic shares what she learned about the kinds of support teachers need and how coaches can provide it.

Strengths-based coaching supports teachers during COVID

A strengths-based coaching program for middle and high school teachers is helping educators respond to the demands and stresses of the pandemic.

In professional learning for coaches, one size doesn’t fit all

Orange County Public Schools in Florida tailors professional learning to coaches’ roles and needs.

How ‘tugboat coaching’ propels one district forward 

Kildeer Countryside School District 96 uses data to adapt its coaching program to respond to shifting currents and evolving needs.

With the right strategies, coaches can leverage co-teaching 

A continuum of co-teaching strategies helps coaches and teachers navigate the complex process of shared instruction.

Where coaches learn to coach

Through Learning Forward’s Coaches Academy, coaches learn the skills to grow into their new roles.

Celebrating coaches

Infographic shows how important coaching is to Learning Forward members and the field.

‘Data’ shouldn’t be a dirty word

Coaches can use data to increase learning, engagement, and hope.

5 guiding questions build a strategic approach to leadership coaching 

District leaders should align coaching with an overall district improvement strategy in order to see a return on their investment in coaching.

Principals rediscover their joy and purpose through coaching 

Adding coaching to high-quality professional learning for principals increases the impact of their learning experience.

A systemic approach to coaching in small, rural districts: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE 

The Empowering Educators to Excel (E3) project reveals strategies for overcoming challenges to building system-wide coaching.

5 steps to maximize literacy coaching: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE 

School leaders can support coaching by attending to school culture, growth mindset, scheduling, and communication.

Coaching practices to stem the looming principal exodus: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

Job-embedded coaching provides the support that many principals lack.


Where to start when everything feels urgent

The effort-to-impact matrix is a simple but valuable tool for setting priorities and taking action.

Through the lens

How this issue’s articles embody the Standards for Professional Learning.


Identity is at the heart of facilitating for equity 

Transformative learning starts with transforming ourselves, using a three-stage approach to build and strengthen relationships across difference.

Model classrooms can amplify coaching’s impact 

Model classrooms spread best practices and give teachers an opportunity to be lead learners among their colleagues.

Professional learning should blend SEL and equity: SEL coaches can lead the way 

SEL coaches and specialists are an underutilized resource for building equity.


Myth-busting research sheds light on what works 

Researchers use evidence to refute six common myths about teacher professional learning.

Data points 

The latest research on the demand for online professional learning, teacher recruitment and retention, ESSER plans, and more.


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