Oct. 2 - Frederick Brown and Tracy Crow on
  "The Principal Story Learning Guide"

Our fall webinars continue Oct. 2 as Learning Forward Deputy Executive Director Frederick Brown and Director of Communications Tracy Crow give an overview of The Principal Story Learning Guide, a free, web-based resource for those who prepare and support school leaders.

Webinars run Thursdays throughout the fall. Presenters include authors Jane Kise, Steve Barkley, Lois Easton, Katherine Boles, Vivian Troen, and more.

Webinars are free for all Learning Forward members. Nonmembers can attend individual webinars for $20, or attend three for $50. Members also have access to our complete webinar archive, as well as additional resources, follow-up discussion and more through Learning Exchange.

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From the Archive

  Learn the
  key attributes
  of a learning
  system and
  strategies for
  turning your
  organization into one. With Stephanie Hirsh, Kay Psencik, and Frederick Brown.
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