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The Carnegie Corporation of New York recently released a challenge paper calling on school and system leaders, teachers and coaches, and all specialists in professional learning to transform teaching and learning through the elements and essentials of curriculum-based professional learning. Attend this webinar to learn how schools and systems ensure teachers experience the instruction their students experience so they change their instructional practices, leading to better student outcomes. Assess how your own district stands up to the challenge and what next steps you might take to increase the impact of your investments in high-quality instructional materials and support for their implementation.

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Program Director for Leadership and Teaching to Advance Learning at Carnegie Corporation of New York | + posts

Jim Short is the program director for Leadership and Teaching to Advance Learning at the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Previously, Short was the founding director of the Gottesman Center for Science Teaching and Learning at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. His experience in education also includes teaching secondary science as well as graduate courses in science education, director of the National Academy for Curriculum Leadership at BSCS Science Learning, and district science coordinator for Denver Public Schools.

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Stephanie Hirsh retired in June 2019 after 31 years with Learning Forward, an international association of more than 13,000 educators committed to increasing student achievement through effective professional learning. Hirsh led the organization as its executive director for the last 13 years where she presented, published, and consulted on Learning Forward’s behalf across North America.

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K-8 Science Training and Support Coordinator at Detroit Public Schools Community District | + posts

Kalonda Colson McDonald is helping bridge the gap with NGSS science support to ensure students will have the confidence, critical thinking competencies, and knowledge necessary to prosper in STEM related classrooms. Her mission is to afford students opportunities to develop innovative skills and make them attractive to the companies that will need their talents. As a former middle school science teacher, McDonald was introduced to project-based learning and engaged in collaborative projects to help students with constructing explanations in science.

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Professor of Science Education at Boston College | + posts

Katherine L. McNeill is a professor of science education at Boston College. A former middle school science teacher, she received her doctorate in science education from the University of Michigan. Her research focuses on how to support students with diverse backgrounds in engaging in science practices as they make sense of phenomena. McNeill has published the findings from her work in over 70+ publications including books, book chapters, and journal articles for both educational researchers and practitioners.

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