Coaching and mentoring in a virtual world: What to keep and what to change

Presenters: Elvira Pichardo-Delacour, Leighann Fields, Sharron Helmke, and Stacey Jones

Is it the new normal or the now normal or just new and now? As educators across the world have adjusted to current teaching and learning environments, instructional coaches and mentors have been essential in helping to ensure continuously smooth transitions. From online office hours to virtual collaboration and feedback sessions, just-in-time tips and strategies, and ongoing emotional support, the job of the coach and mentor continues to evolve and grow.



Join us for this important webinar as instructional coaches and mentors share how their practice has amplified and changed and what they are looking forward to keeping and changing going forward.

Instructional Specialist at Churchville Middle School | + posts

Elvira Pichardo-Delacour is a 6th - 8th grade instructional specialist at Churchville Middle School in Elmhurst, IL. Pichardo has a Master’s degree in bilingual education grades 1-6 from Hunter College -The City University of New York, and is working on her master's in educational leadership. She serves on the School Leadership Team and the School Improvement Team. She has worked in both urban and suburban school districts and in elementary and middle schools. She has worked predominantly with emergent bilingual students, focusing on instructional strategies, curriculum development, and language acquisition.

Math Teacher and Mentor Teacher at Central Middle School | + posts

Leighann Fields is a 6th-grade math teacher and mentor teacher at Central Middle School in Eunice, Louisiana. Fields has a master's degree in Special Education for grades 1 - 12.  She serves on the Instructional Leadership Team and is the chairperson for her school-based School Building Level Committee and Well-Being Leadership Team. She was selected as Central Middle's 2020-21 Teacher of the Year.

Acting Vice President for Professional Services at Learning Forward | + posts

Sharron Helmke is a Gestalt and ICF certified professional coach. She’s a senior consultant for Learning Forward, facilitator of the Mentor and Coaching Academies, and co-facilitator of Learning Forward’s virtual coaching class Powerful Communication Skills for Coaches.

Academic Coach and Literacy Instructor at Cobb County School District | + posts

Stacey Jones is currently an academic coach and literacy instructor for the Cobb County School District. She began her career as an elementary school teacher and went on to become a middle school teacher and department chair. She has worked as a literacy consultant for the Consortium on Reading Excellence in Education, serving both urban and rural school districts across the United States. Her positions have included high school administrator, lead teacher, intervention instructor, and high school academic coach.

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