Coaching during “other duties as assigned”

Presenters: Heather Clifton, Andrea Gautney, Kristine James, & Carla Schmidt

“Other duties as assigned” are words found in the contracts of almost all instructional coaches. Coaches may find these other duties include a variety of tasks, even assignment to classrooms as the teacher of record or as a long-term sub for either all or part of their day. As lesson prep, grading, parent contact, and classroom setup begin to fill their days, time for coaching teachers dwindles but the need — and often the expectation — for coaches to continue supporting teachers certainly doesn’t lessen. How do successful coaches navigate this split focus with limited time? How do they maintain hard-won relationships and momentum with teachers while also serving the daily needs of their own students?

Join us for this informative and practical webinar to hear from coaches who are living in this tension and have found ways to cope, manage, and even thrive while coaching during “other duties as assigned.”

Participants of this webinar will:

  • Hear from coaches who have been asked to take on additional responsibilities over the last two years and learn about the variety of forms these “other duties” take on;
  • Learn strategies coaches are using to manage their time and energy while adapting to increased responsibilities;
  • Explore ways to utilize these new duties to extend your learning to the teachers you support; and
  • Hear about ways coaches are clarifying for teachers and administrators how they are utilizing their time and effort.

Senior Consultant at Learning Forward | + posts

Heather Clifton is a professional learning consultant, offering services to schools, districts, municipal agencies, and non-profit organizations in various aspects of professional development and organizational reform. In addition, she provides executive coaching to school principals, assistant principals, and central office personnel. As a senior consultant for Learning Forward, she assisted in the development of the training modules for the Learning Forward Coaches Academy and has supported leadership development for instructional coaches and principals for more than a decade. She has facilitated the work of district executive leadership teams and school leadership teams and supports teams with conflict resolution and restorative conversations. Her professional experience in schools and districts includes positions as a teacher, an elementary school principal, and central office curriculum and staff development specialist. She is a past president of Learning Forward Colorado.

Math Instructional Coach at Clear Springs High School | + posts

Andrea Gautney is a math instructional coach for Clear Springs High School in Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD). Over the last fifteen years, Gautney has been a classroom teacher, has supported hundreds of secondary teachers in both California and Texas, and is a 5-year veteran facilitator for the New Coaches Academy in CCISD. She partners with teachers and teams to provide support and to build capacity in all facets of the classroom: deep mathematical content knowledge, technology integration, social and emotional learning, cultivating rapport, and professional growth. Gautney serves as a Learning Forward Consultant, leading learning through Coaching Academies, Mentor Teacher Cohorts, and Content-Based Coaching Cohorts.

K-6 Instructional Coach at Mission Crest Elementary School | + posts

Kristine James is a K-6 instructional coach at Mission Crest Elementary School in the Hesperia Unified School District. This is her third year as a coach at this school. Before moving into coaching, James worked as a primary grade teacher at Mission Crest and in a hybrid charter school that offered a short seat time program combined with independent study. This former experience really helped her navigate and support teachers during pandemic learning. She has been working and learning with Learning Forward for the past three years and looks forward to using this instruction to help teachers focus on accelerating learning as we continue with pandemic teaching and as we move forward to our next normal.

Instructional Coach at Jackson Elementary School | + posts

Carla Schmidt is an instructional coach at Jackson Elementary School in Elmhurst Illinois. Schmidt is currently in her 16th year as an educator. She spent five years as a 3rd-grade teacher, one year as a 4th-grade teacher, and five years as a PE teacher. The 2021-22 school year is her fifth year as an instructional coach. As a coach, Schmidt partners with teachers to enhance student learning, support instructional practices, and promote reflection. To best support students and staff, she has attended many conferences and had the honor to present at Learning Forward's Annual Conference in 2020 and 2021 with her principal and coaching consultant.

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