Coaching during “other duties as assigned”

Presenters: TBD
Thursday, December 16, 3 - 4 P.M. Eastern

“Other duties as assigned” are words found in the contracts of almost all instructional coaches. Coaches may find these other duties include assignment to classrooms as the teacher of record or as a long-term sub for either all or part of their day. As lesson prep, grading, parent contact, and classroom setup begin to fill their days, time for coaching teachers dwindles but the need — and often the expectation — for coaches to continue supporting teachers certainly doesn’t lessen. How do successful coaches navigate this split focus with limited time? How do they maintain hard-won relationships and momentum with teachers while also serving the daily needs of their own students?

Join us for this informative and practical webinar to hear from coaches who are living in this tension but have found ways to cope, manage, and even thrive while coaching during “other duties as assigned.”

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