Supporting Educators During COVID-19

Learning Forward will update this page regularly with the latest resources from Learning Forward and other organizations for supporting your educators during COVID-19. 

COVID-19 impacts educators and students across the world. We know that Learning Forward members are coping with an unprecedented situation and Learning Forward is here to help.

Official statement

Learning Forward is closely monitoring how COVID 19 will impact our events as well as how we can best support members and friends. We will keep you informed of any updates.

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Learning Forward Community

We are building a community for sharing and engaging in dialogue with other practitioners. The ability to review and join are open now to everyone.

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Supporting leaders, teachers, and staff remains a top priority for learning professionals. The Learning Forward Board of Trustees and staff are ready to support everyone who has been thrown into this unprecedented situation.

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Webinar series

Preparing for re-opening – creating an instructional plan

Learn with thoughtful practitioners and leading voices about their approach to setting rigorous learning goals for students and instructional plans that are responsive to whatever formats learning takes.

Preparing for re-opening: Building resilience and flexibility

In this webinar, you’ll hear from district and school leaders, as well as experts on school redesign, about planning for next steps. They will share their advice and strategies for maximizing teachers’ and students’ learning in the fall and beyond.

Minimizing the COVID slide: Extending summer learning

We’ve all heard of the summer slide – the loss of learning that occurs over the summer months when students are not engaged in planned, rigorous learning activities. But what about the COVID slide? Join us for this important webinar as we understand the potential ramifications of the COVID slide and strategies that schools and districts are utilizing to combat this outcome.

Learning from coaches: End strong, begin stronger!

As the school year closes, instructional coaches are still hard at work. They are taking the many lessons learned in the last quarter of this school year and using those lessons to plan for a strong, if uncertain, year ahead. Join us for an exploration of how coaches are traversing the challenges of distance professional learning, remaining connected to the teachers they support, and applying their expertise in accelerating teacher learning.

All means all: Equity challenges and opportunities during the COVID-19 crisis

This webinar focused on resources, strategies, and tangible ideas at the classroom, school, and district levels that all educators can use to reach students where they are, especially those who have been historically marginalized and empower them with the mindsets and skills necessary to experience success.

Learning without barriers: Supporting English learners during distance learning

The move to virtual environments for teaching and learning raises many questions about access, including for students whose first language is not English. Educators are seeking guidance and resources about how to support ELL students, and their families, in this virtual environment.

Remote but accessible: Reaching students of all abilities during distance learning

The move to virtual environments for teaching and learning may be impacting students with differing abilities and special needs in a variety of ways. Educators are seeking guidance and resources about IEPs, inclusion practices, modifications, and engagement.

Adapting high-quality instructional materials for a virtual teaching context

Recent research affirms how critical high-quality curriculum resources are to the student learning experience. So what happens when the world of schooling changes in an instant? How do educators adapt their use of materials in a new and often uncharted virtual environment?

Teaching in an online world – it’s getting real

This webinar focused on resources, strategies, and tangible ideas that all educators in this new online world are encouraged to borrow.

Blog posts


Below we have grouped available resources that are educator-focused, free, and align with our mission and vision into these four categories:


Building capacity to teach and lead in a time of uncertainty

Beyond Barriers: Encouraging Teacher Use of Feedback Resources

Learning Forward study that investigated factors that drive teachers to embrace or challenge the use of products and services designed to support improvements in practice. One key element of of the student focused on technology-based resources designed for video observations, peer feedback and collaboration, online professional learning, and learning management platforms.

Tapping Technology's Potential

Article by Joellen Killion is excerpted from Meet the Promise of Content Standards: Tapping Technology to Enhance Professional Learning. This brief is just one of several resources created as part of Learning Forward’s initiative Transforming Professional Learning to Prepare College- and Career-Ready Students: Implementing the Common Core.

Technology Takes Coaching to Scale

Article by Nicole Breslow on using technology tools to strengthen, scale, and sustain instructional coaching models.

6 Strategies to Help Principals Become Technology Leaders
This article from EdTech K-12 offers practical suggestions to help principals think about how to an instructional leader and a technology leader.

A Quick-start Guide to Distance Learning

A useful guide by Stephanie DeMichele, especially for those with limited or no experience navigating distance learning. The guide includes practical ideas to "put a plan in place" and "make it work".

Extending Classroom Management Online 

A blogpost by Heather Walpert-Gawron with nine suggestions to help you provide online learners with class norms and expectations and a sense of community.

Rapid Transit Online Learning 

Rapid Transit Online Learning is an emergency roadmap for a rapid transition to remote learning during forced school closures. This short program walks you through a simple step-by-step guide to maintain your continuity of teaching and learning in a crisis.

5 Things Districts and Educators Can do to Support Instruction for English Learners During COVID-19

High-level guidance from English Learner Success Forum (ELSF) for districts and educators to plan for the curriculum and learning needs of English learner students during school closures.

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

10 strategies for online learning during the Coronavirus outbreak


Many professional learning facilitators and classroom teachers use Kahoot to formatively assess learner understanding. Kahoot! has put together a guide to distance learning and offers free access to Kahoot! Premium for the remaining months of the academic year.

Myths About Technology-Supported Professional Learning
This article byJoellen Killion and Barbara Treacy examines three commonly held myths about technology-supported professional learning. Each has significant implications for how state or provincial agencies, school systems, or schools support professional learning and how individual educators experience it.

Teaching Through a Pandemic: A Mindset for This Moment
Article from Edutopia with advice from teachers around the world who have been teaching with distance learning. The article includes insight from teachers in Italy, Hong Kong, Washington and elsewhere.

Social and emotional support for educators

Coronavirus: Keeping Our Children And Ourselves Safe

In this special edition of The 180 Podcast on the coronavirus, host Chris Riback talks with Pamela Cantor, M.D., Turnaround for Children’s Founder and Senior Science Advisor, about how to address the fear, stress and disruption caused by the pandemic.

How Teachers Can Navigate Difficult Emotions During School Closures
Article from the Greater Good Science Center with practical tips for educators to manage stress. The article includes strategies for self-compassion, mindfulness, affirming your values, reaching out to others, and more.

Six Daily Questions to Ask Yourself During Quarantine
Article with six helpful questions to check in with yourself every day and help you stay strong and centered. This article includes a succinct graphic you can post or refer to as a reminder of the 6 questions.

Strategies for staying connected

School Closures and Online Learning: Creating Community, Centering Students
On-demand webinar from Facing History and Ourselves about how to create community and sustain student-centered learning in a digital environment.

Creative Connections While Apart
Blog post from Usable Knowledge provides strategies on staying connected with your school community. Researchers from the Harvard Graduate School of Education share their ideas.

7 Ways to Maintain Relationships During Your School Closure
Article about how to stay connected with your school community even while phsyical distancing.

4 Tips to Avoid a Communication Breakdown When Working Remotely
Article from Inc. about how leaders can continue to communicate well with staff while transitioning to remote work. Though the article was written for businesses, its recommendations apply equally well to schools.