Supporting each other

October 2020
Vol. 41, No. 5

What does it mean to support learning in challenging times? It means listening, communicating, and leading with empathy. It means committing to anti-racism and breaking down structural barriers to equity. This issue examines ways to do so in professional learning.


The Learning Professional

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What's your mantra for this school year?

If this month’s issue had a mantra, it might be: we’re all stronger when we support each other.

SEL and equity

A conversation with Dena Simmons: ‘If we don’t address the wound, we cannot heal.’

When teachers listen, students learn 

Coaching helps teachers incorporate student voice in the classroom.

Connections bring us closer to equity and justice 

Teams grow stronger when members acknowledge differences and commonalities.

Address the stress 

How leaders can support teachers in an extraordinary year.

Get connected

Infographic shows how much students want and need communication from educators.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: The teacher-student connection 

Tool offers a road map to improve relationships.


Empathy interviews 

A tool for listening deeply and centering diverse perspectives in decisions and policies.

Strategic teaming

A guide to creating and managing new types of instructional teams during the pandemic.

Through the lens

Reflection questions for examining the Standards for Professional Learning.


Equity in pre-K classrooms 

A pilot program in NYC builds early childhood leaders’ capacity for leading professional learning with equity.

How academic discipline influences coaching 

An initial study suggests that coaches’ area of focus matters.

Chart a clear course 

Evaluation is key to building better, more relevant professional learning.


Access, knowledge, and culture limit teachers’ use of research 

A study finds teacher attitudes aren’t the problem in applying research.

What works? Q & A with Heather Hill

What makes professional learning effective? It’s a complex question.

Data points 

Keeping up with the latest on professional learning.


Denise Glyn Borders and Steve Cardwell

Call to action

Resilient educators deserve sustained support

Jim Knight

What I've learned

Take time for self-care 


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