Looking ahead

February 2021

Amid crisis, there is opportunity that can galvanize change. This issue examines what educators have learned over the past year and how it can shape practice moving forward. It also includes a special section on nurturing educator wellness.


The Learning Professional

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The hope of brighter days ahead

There’s reason for optimism as we find opportunities for growth in the midst of crisis.

An extraordinary time for innovation 

A conversation with Linda Darling-Hammond about how today’s innovations will benefit schools after the pandemic.

A new network for a changed world 

The Design Professional Learning for a Virtual World network supports districts and states navigating today’s challenges.

Crisis creates opportunity. Will we seize it?

Jal Mehta looks at how the pandemic is changing teaching and the opportunities it presents to make schools better.

Virtual networks follow paths to equity

Virtual networks, a pandemic necessity, keep race and equity at the center.

Culture impacts learning — and not just for students 

Learning leaders should consider culture in planning, implementation, and follow-up.

With new science standards, coaching is key 

Omaha Public Schools teachers and students benefit from inquiry-based learning.

Drawn to learning 

Synthesize ideas from professional learning with sketchnotes.


Put antiracist commitments into action 

Examine the essential elements of cultural proficiency to identify what learning you and your team need to lead with an antiracist lens.

The Title IIA equity multiplier

Define a vision for professional learning with Learning Forward’s Professional Learning District and State Planner.

Through the lens

How this issue’s articles embody the Standards for Professional Learning.


8 dimensions of wellness for educators

Paying attention to the whole educator benefits adults and the students they teach.

Stress, burnout, and mental health among teachers of color 

Educators call for structural solutions to mitigate unique stressors among teachers of color.

SEL starts at the top 

School leaders’ well-being has a ripple effect on schools.


Program inspires students’ civic engagement 

A high school action civics curriculum gave students the skills they need to participate in a democratic society.

Data points 

The latest on microcredentials, teacher residencies, instruction during the pandemic, and more.


Melinda George and Denise Glyn Borders

Call to action

President Biden, here’s what educators need now

Wendy Robinson

Being forward

‘You can’t stay in the now.’ 

Chelyse Stefanik-Miller

Member spotlight

A picture of learning 


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