Beyond the basics

April 2020
Vol 41, No. 2

Learning professionals challenge themselves to stretch and grow while staying grounded in the fundamentals. This issue is about achieving a solid foothold in best practices so you can succeed with the basics and beyond.


The Learning Professional

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In This Issue


To master the steps, revisit the basics

You have to stretch yourself and take risks, but sometimes you also have to review the basics.

Flip the script on change

Experience shapes teachers’ attitudes and beliefs (not the other way around).

Making learning stick 

Teaching for transfer ensures students can apply what they’ve learned.

How do I know my students are learning?

Formative assessment connects learning targets to student outcomes.

Ready for reading 

A Tennessee network of schools tackles the literacy crisis with high-quality materials and support.

Teaching without fear 

Psychological safety can alter the professional learning landscape.

Standards for Professional Learning: Past, present, and future

Looking back and thinking forward.


Powered-up podcasts 

Facilitation guide deepens learning from podcasts.

The Long Beach approach 

How a California district enables anywhere, anytime learning for educators.

Through the lens

Examine this issue through the lens of the Standards for Professional Learning.


The principal’s role has changed 

Principal supervisors can build capacity for instructional leadership.

The principal's coach 

Aligned, coherent support builds leadership capacity in Los Angeles.

Teamwork in Tulsa 

Oklahoma district reshapes learning to make the best use of people, time, and money.


Researchers offer evidence of lesson study’s benefits 

A recent study contributes evidence that collaborative professional learning matters.

Data points 

New research on professional learning’s impact, leaders’ perceptions, inequity in teacher credentials, and more.


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