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Let’s appreciate teachers with extensive support

By Stephanie Hirsh | May 9, 2019

During Teacher Appreciation Week, like so many others I reflect on all the great teachers who influenced who I am today. I remember with appreciation Dr. Gerald Ponder, my major professor during my Ph.D. program and lifelong mentor and colleague. I also recall Mr. Gerald Roslowski, my eighth-grade core teacher, who three years later allowed…

First Step in House Budget Process Includes Increase for Title II-A

By Stephanie Hirsh | April 30, 2019

Commit to High-Quality Materials and Embedded Educator Support

By Stephanie Hirsh | April 18, 2019

A 2015 study by Schmidt and Burroughs found that low-income students are less likely than high-income students to have high-quality content and materials in the classroom. The authors said, “As it stands now, students’ chances to learn challenging content depend on whether they are lucky enough to attend a school that provides it. In effect,…

The Principal Pipeline Initiative – Unpacking the Effects

By Frederick Brown | April 10, 2019

The results are in, and they are exciting. Last week I shared Learning Forward’s anticipation about the release of the RAND study of the Wallace Foundation-supported Principal Pipeline Initiative. (See that post here.) On April 8, I represented Learning Forward at the New York unveiling of Principal Pipelines: A Feasible, Affordable, and Effective Way for…

The Principal Pipeline Initiative – Anticipating the Effects

By Frederick Brown | April 1, 2019

In 2011, six large school districts set out to build and manage pipelines to support their school principals. This Wallace Foundation-funded effort, known as the Principal Pipeline Initiative (PPI), was built on substantial evidence from more than a decade of the foundation’s school leadership efforts. On April 8, Wallace is hosting a livestream discussion to…

Every Educator Deserves Substantive Support

By Stephanie Hirsh | March 25, 2019

This is not the first time that President Trump has completely eliminated Title IIA funds in his budget proposal. Yet I’m more upset this time and here’s why. Not only did he reduce to nothing the number of dollars dedicated to substantive professional learning and leadership support, he created a shiny distraction. His PD voucher…

President Trump’s FY20 Budget Abolishes Educator Support

By Learning Forward | February 27, 2019

New white paper: 4 Cornerstones of Professional Learning

By Learning Forward | February 11, 2019

Learning Forward Selects Denise Glyn Borders as New Executive Director

By Learning Forward | January 29, 2019

Seeing teaching through video

By Learning Forward | January 29, 2019

By: Yvonne Godber As a trainer and evaluator working on video-based professional development resources at Teachstone (a company founded by Professors Pianta and Hamre at the University of Virginia), I was so excited to attend my first Learning Forward conference in Dallas in December.  Given my interest in strategically using video with teachers and coaches to drive…