‘Tis the season for list-making and reflection! With the close of this past year, we reflect on your interests as readers of The Learning Professional. In 2023, the trending themes were continuous improvement and educator turnover.

Nearly half of the most popular 2023 articles originate from the April issue on improvement stories and strategies, which remains free in its entirety thanks to support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Reader interest in continuous improvement is heartening because it means student progress is top of mind. We hope our authors will help open new doors in your thinking around those tools and processes.

In 2023, top trending themes in The Learning Professional were continuous improvement and educator turnover. Share on X

Three of the top-read articles were published in the February issue on tackling educator turnover. School leaders can tap into this collective wisdom to support and retain educators, to wrangle this critically important challenge.

Other hot topics in 2023 were meeting the needs of all learners, coaching, and equity. Here are the 10 most-visited articles last year:

  1. Professional learning vs. PD: The distinction matters by Janice Bradley, Cori Groth, Andrea Rorrer and Leslie Evans
  2. Make the most of conference learning by Learning Forward
  3. Is your school welcoming to neurodiverse students? By Amanda Morin and Emily Kircher-Morris
  4. Want to retain teachers? Ask them what they need by Kathy Perret
  5. Educators learned to use student data. Graduation rates improved by Nikki Giunta
  6. Good ideas spread when schools learn from each other by Stacey Callier and Sofia Tannenhaus
  7. Thinking routines help educators develop an equity lens by Rachel Bello, Tarima Levine, and Matty Lau
  8. How districts and states are addressing teacher turnover by Lisa Lachlan-Haché, Lois Kimmel, Cheryl Krohn, Dawn Dolby and Tammie Causey-Konaté
  9. How professional learning supports teacher retention by Learning Forward
  10. Coaching empowers teachers to lead for equity by Courtney Smith


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