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Congratulations to educators in Office!

By Melinda George | December 11, 2018

By Melinda George Every educator is an advocate, and many are now serving as elected policymakers, with at least one former teacher going to Washington, D.C., to serve in the 116th Congress. Learning Forward couldn’t be prouder. Learning Forward is celebrating the electoral victories of more than 40 educators, including Jahana Hayes, the 2016 U.S….

The Learning Professional, February 2019; Transitions and Turning Points

By Stephanie Hirsh | November 25, 2018

A vision for equity in schools starts at the top

By Alan Ingram | November 1, 2018

Hey, that’s not fair!” It’s a credo repeated righteously on play scapes or amongst young siblings regularly. Unfair treatment, even at that early age, stirs a visceral reaction no matter who’s involved. And while the consequences of inequitable treatment may be as benign as an extra turn on the swing or a more lenient bedtime,…

The impact of a new teacher and mentoring framework on teacher retention

By Learning Forward | October 9, 2018

By Susan Thompson As the new school year begins, principals and school districts are looking at ways to provide support to the new teachers that were hired over the summer. The key to a school’s success is not only selecting an outstanding team of educators to lead school improvement efforts, but also, the ability to…

Learning Forward Texas: Cultivating leadership

By Learning Forward | October 8, 2018

By: Trish Hinze As we leave behind the summer of 2018, this new season brings to mind images of beautiful fall colors, the anticipation of cooler temperatures, and the excitement of the harvest season. Yet, our teachers and campus leaders have much work to do before they see the fruits of their efforts. Cultivating a…

How Learning Forward Virginia sparks inspiration and learning

By Learning Forward | October 8, 2018

By Judy Newhouse Does your professional learning inspire? See how Learning Forward Virginia ignites the spark with designs for educator leaning. Designs for Educator Learning “Good professional learning is hard to do — and few people have the deep knowledge and expertise to plan and execute it”  (Stephanie Hirsh, “How we can stop the cycle…

Equity drives Learning Forward’s vision

By Frederick Brown | October 4, 2018

At Learning Forward, we fundamentally believe every child deserves access to excellent teaching and learning every day, regardless of his or her ZIP code or family income. Socioeconomic conditions, race, ethnic background, and other factors should not be predictors for educational attainment. We believe school systems and other learning environments have to be relentless in…

New report highlights the importance of the role of principal supervisors

By Frederick Brown | September 21, 2018

By Frederick Brown A new report about The Wallace Foundation’s Principal Supervisor Initiative (PSI) offers insight into the types of professional learning that are most effective for helping principal supervisors develop the instructional leadership capacity of principals. Among their findings, researchers noted that principal supervisors in PSI districts were able to reduce the number of…

Learning Forward Urges Rapid Passage of FY19 Spending Bill

By Stephanie Hirsh | September 14, 2018

Learning Forward Executive Director Stephanie Hirsh issued a statement about the bipartisan conference bill that funds defense, labor, health, human services, and education. “I applaud the bipartisan and bicameral agreement on the FY19 spending bill that provides level funding for Title IIA of ESSA, which funds critical support so educators can meet the needs of…

If we join forces, we can identify students who are at risk

By Leigh Wall | September 13, 2018

By Leigh Wall It has been just a few months since the unimaginable tragedy that occurred here in Santa Fe, Texas, when a high school student shot and killed 10 classmates and teachers and wounded 13 others. Our community is healing, and we know the healing process will be long. As we move forward —…