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High-quality mentoring increases teacher effectiveness

By Elizabeth Foster Foster | December 1, 2020

Study finds new teachers are more effective when they had a strong mentor during pre-service.

Access, knowledge, and culture limit teachers’ use of research

By Elizabeth Foster Foster | October 1, 2020

A study finds teacher attitudes aren’t the problem in applying research.

Three lessons learned from the pandemic about professional learning

By Elizabeth Foster Foster | July 29, 2020

By Elizabeth Foster, Judy Newhouse, and Isabel Sawyer The global COVID-19 crisis has not only had a huge impact on student learning but on teacher learning. “Teachers are education’s first responders,” mathematician John Ewing wrote recently in Forbes, and we are learning every day how to respond even more effectively. What have we learned during…

How to apply professional learning research to your work

By Elizabeth Foster Foster | February 1, 2019

Taking stock of the research and using it to guide practice.

How to apply professional learning research to your work

By Elizabeth Foster Foster | January 31, 2019

Thanks to recent policies and priorities, we have opportunities for elevating research in professional learning. These lessons and recommendations can support your work.

Engaging in science research changes teachers’ beliefs and practice

By Elizabeth Foster Foster | December 1, 2018

Science teachers benefit from being researchers.

The impact of coaching on teacher practice and student achievement

By Elizabeth Foster Foster | August 1, 2018

A recent meta-analysis offers a clear, thought-provoking look at coaching.

Elizabeth Foster

How social and emotional learning fits in the classroom

By Elizabeth Foster Foster | July 5, 2018

Educators seeking new information to improve teaching strategies and connections with students know that it can be a challenge to integrate new ideas into existing routines and day-to-day practices. While social and emotional learning may seem like a new development to be studied and adopted, it isn’t about adding one program or strategy. Rather, it’s…

The importance of understanding student misconceptions

By Elizabeth Foster Foster | June 1, 2018

Understanding why students are struggling with content can improve teaching and learning.

Design principles guide educators in choosing and using curriculum materials

By Elizabeth Foster Foster | February 1, 2018

How teachers choose and use educative features in instructional materials.