Starting strong

August 2021

Professional learning can kickstart an uncertain school year by building knowledge about social and emotional learning strategies, fostering educators’ resilience, and cultivating the support that school communities need to thrive.


The Learning Professional

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The need for SEL is greater than ever

Social and emotional learning can help students and educators thrive, even in tumultuous times.

How to make students college, career, and community ready

Educators need to link social, emotional, and academic learning, especially during the pandemic.

What should SEL look like this fall? 

Teachers, leaders, and students weigh in on how to foster resilience.

To make SEL stick, align school and out-of-school time

Professional learning helps communities create consistent approaches to SEL in Wallace Foundation-supported initiative.

Coaching with SEL in mind

With help from coaches, Texas district integrates SEL into math curricula.

To thrive, students need a ‘homeplace’ at school 

Teachers learn to create safe and equitable spaces for students to be their whole selves.

Family-school partnerships nurture student SEL 

COVID-19 heightens the urgency for schools and families to work together.

Ways that social and emotional learning can be integrated throughout the school day

Graphic shows where and how one school integrates SEL throughout the day.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: How instructional coaches cultivate resilience 

Study reveals that coaches see emotional intelligence, collaborative learning, and coaching- specific professional learning as key to resilience.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Virginia district builds educator SEL through professional learning

Professional learning strengthens educators’ capacity to model, cultivate, and integrate SEL into classroom practice.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Heal, reset, and restart 

Self-care strategies reduce educator stress.


Build your SEL staff 

An SEL jobs checklist helps clarify the roles, responsibilities, and skillsets your school needs.

The art of listening 

Deepen your listening skills to strengthen your leadership.

Through the lens

How this issue’s articles embody the Standards for Professional Learning.


A certified school librarian is a professional learning powerhouse 

Librarians offer learning and growth experiences for teachers.

Coaching — anytime, from anywhere — empowers teachers

Video-based coaching provides curriculum-specific support to teachers.

Science teachers learn to be policy advocates 

A fellowship builds teachers’ skills to affect education policy.


Study shows the impact of project-based learning 

Project-based learning works when implemented with high-quality professional learning.

Data points 

The latest research on Title IIA funding, teachers’ beliefs about SEL, classroom video, and more.


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