Resilient Leadership

October 2019
Vol. 40, No. 5

For education leaders, stress and challenges are part of the job – but resilience can be, too. This issue highlights how professional learning enables leaders to manage stress, navigate competing priorities, and maintain focus on instructional leadership. Building resilient leadership helps everyone in schools thrive.


The Learning Professional

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Leaders need to cultivate their own gardens

Resilience isn’t something you can give to another person, but you can establish the conditions for it and cultivate it like a garden.

Anchors for resilience 

Resilient leaders use strategies and routines to balance competing priorities.

How school leaders manage stress and stay focused

Five experts share their advice about managing challenges and staying focused.

Engineered to be agile 

Responsiveness is key to New Jersey district’s learning design, thanks to five key factors.

Your voice mailbox is full - of learning 

A mobile app helps leaders overcome isolation through virtual book club.

Lift and lead 

A Utah initiative addresses unique needs of turnaround school leaders.

School leaders' biggest challenges

 In our recent Learning Leaders Survey, we asked education professionals: What are the three most pressing challenges you face in your job right now?  Read the remaining content with membership […]

Tackling instructional mismatch

Targeted learning can build leaders’ knowledge in content they haven’t taught.


Instructional Practice Guide 

A guide for content-focused planning and reflection to help educators ensure rigorous, grade-level instruction for all students.Read the remaining content with membership access. Join or log in below to continue. […]

Through the lens

Build resilient leadership through the lens of the Standards for Professional Learning.


5 questions PLCs should ask to promote equity

Five discussion questions make equity front and center in learning communities.

Instructional leadership at the forefront

Three leaders from Des Moines, Iowa share how principal supervisors are improving their district.

Empowered students lead and learn 

Academic teaming builds social, emotional, and cognitive success for English learners.

Cultivate, create, and connect 

Virtual innovation network provides flexibility to connect anytime from anywhere.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Talk is the ticket to teaching math to English learners 

Project AIM focuses on improving mathematics discourse for all elementary students, particularly English learners.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: A network across fields, orchards, and hills 

A rural support system connects superintendents.


We're working to close the gap between research and practice 

Increasing research on professional learning is a priority for Learning Forward.


The latest on reviewing instructional materials, school leader turnover, and teachers’ knowledge of learning differences and growth mindset.


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