Social and Emotional Learning

August 2018
Vol. 39 No. 4

Learn how and why to build capacity for social and emotional learning in staff and students.


The Learning Professional

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In This Issue


 The moral imperative of social and emotional learning

The superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools explains the importance of SEL.

 Social and emotional skills are learning skills

Social and emotional learning is a mindset that takes time and support to develop.

 A welcome space for taking risks

Positive school climate and psychological safety lay a foundation for teachers’ learning.

 A promising path toward equity

Restorative circles help schools build community, bridge differences, and rethink discipline.

The state of professional learning in social and emotional learning

Surveys show teachers want more support on how to incorporate social and emotional learning.

 Sowing seeds of SEL

A university-district partnership builds social and emotional learning across the teacher pipeline.

 Aligned in Anchorage

A framework guides Alaska district to build capacity for SEL.


 What does SEL look like in the classroom?

The American Institutes for Research’s tools guide coaches and leaders to help teachers integrate SEL.


 When teams hit rough waters

Adult developmental theory can help us better understand why teaming can be challenging for adults and how to support teaming as a developmental practice.

 Where are gifted students of color?

Professional learning strategies can help increase diversity in programs for the gifted.

 Reframing observation

Create a culture of learning using the tools and routines of teacher evaluation.


 The impact of coaching on teacher practice and student achievement

A recent meta-analysis offers a clear, thought-provoking look at coaching.


Recent research on principal supervisors, Common Core implementation, and design thinking in schools.



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