Action for racial equity

June 2021

Professional learning is an essential lever for achieving equity for all students. This issue focuses on actions educators can take to dismantle racism and help every student thrive, because changing […]


The Learning Professional

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Sparking dialogue that leads to action

To achieve equity, statements aren’t enough. This issue’s authors back them with action.

A path toward racial equity

Paving a way forward by reflecting on where we have been and where we need to go to embody the ideals we hold dear.

Black boys and policing: Rethinking the community helpers curriculum 

Altering the community helpers unit in the early childhood curriculum is a start toward honoring Black boys’ potential.

4 practices for leaders to build equity 

State leaders have a unique and important role to play in creating systemic equity.

Practical tools for improving equity and dismantling racism in schools

Cross-district networks leverage processes and tools to help school leaders take on challenging equity work.

Professional learning and equity directors work hand-in-hand 

A partnership across departments leads the way toward antiracism in a Massachusetts district.

‘Let’s get ready to work even harder’ for Indigenous students

The pandemic gives us the chance to create schools students deserve, says Bureau of Indian Education program administrator.

The revolutionary act of teaching Black children superbly

The Center for Black Educator Development works to nurture Black and Brown teachers while developing literacy skills among children of color.

To dismantle racism, make teacher education more inclusive 

A ‘deconstruct-reconstruct-construct’ approach can make the educator workforce more inclusive and just.

An educator’s guide to equity for Asian American and Pacific Islander people 

Resources and tools challenge the “model minority” myth and encourage inclusion.

Student talk in science class leads the way to equity in Detroit 

Teachers learn instructional practices to engage all students.

Reading list rewrite 

The pursuit of equity reshapes the English curriculum in North Dakota district.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: How educators can respond to anti-Asian racism

Case studies illustrate overt and covert forms of anti-Asian racism and recommend actions to address and prevent them.

An artful approach to dialogue

A discussion guide to Byron Kim’s artwork “Synecdoche” can lead to student discussions about race and identity.


Equity tools and resources

Explore tools for examining equity practices, policies, and professional learning.

Through the lens

How this issue’s articles embody the Standards for Professional Learning.


Data inform our progress toward equity 

Recent publications help us understand where we are and how far we need to go to ensure opportunity for all students.

Data points 

The latest on assistant principals, grow-your-own teacher programs, educator diversity, and teacher attrition.


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