Frederick Brown

Frederick Brown (frederick.brown@learningforward.org) is Learning Forward’s deputy executive director.

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The results are in

Intentional principal pipelines are feasible, affordable, and benefit districts, schools, and students in tangible ways. That’s the key takeaway from the results of

By Frederick Brown        June 01 2019

Create Learning Systems, Not Silos

In a learning system, central office personnel assume collective responsibility for schools and go about their work very differently. They are responsible not only for departments and programs, but al

By Frederick Brown        February 01 2018

How Curriculum And Professional Learning Intersect

Research has found that high-quality curricula have a significant impact on student achievement (Steiner, 2017; Chingos & Whitehurst, 2012). But a curriculum is not effective on its own. It requir

By Frederick Brown        February 01 2018