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By Learning Forward
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October 2023

At Learning Forward’s Annual Conference, educators engage in rich conversations with like-minded colleagues, learn new strategies, and access resources and materials relevant to their role. Participants often experience excitement, hope, and renewed energy or passion. However, a sense of overload can bring on anxiety, frustration, and even a bit of fear. What do you do with all this newly acquired information and energy once the conference is over?

Learning Forward developed a tool kit to support individuals and teams in organizing and making sense of everything learned at a conference — from keynote speakers, session presenters and facilitators, other educators, and vendors. The tool kit includes actionable steps you can take before, during, and after the conference so that you can apply what you’ve learned to your work. While it was designed for Learning Forward’s Annual Conference, the tool kit can be used for any conference or learning event.

The table below shows the steps we recommend before, during, and after the conference. In this issue of The Learning Professional, we highlight tools to use before and during the conference. Post-conference tools will be featured in the next journal issue. To view and use the tools, download the pdf below. Or, the entire tool kit can be accessed online at


Tools make the most of conference learning b

Tools make the most of conference learning d

Tools make the most of conference learning e

Tools make the most of conference learning f

Tools make the most of conference learning g

Download pdf here.

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