Setting the standard

June 2022

This issue celebrates the 2022 revision of Standards for Professional Learning. It explains how and why the standards have been updated, provides examples of how educators at all levels are applying them to improve their work, and shares tools for implementing standards in your own context.


The Learning Professional

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The 2022 standards are here – and we’ve got a lot to tell you

Take a peek under the hood of revised Standards for Professional Learning to find out what’s new and why they matter now more than ever.

New look, new standards

As the learning landscape shifts, so do Standards for Professional Learning. See how revised standards outline vital content, processes, and conditions.

The evolution of Standards for Professional Learning

Changes in the standards reflect emerging research, new knowledge about best practices, and policy shifts.

A standards-driven culture of learning thrives at Georgia high school

At the school level, standards play key roles in visualizing, planning, and monitoring professional learning.

How Alhambra is building a learning system around the standards

At the district level, implementing the standards starts with straightforward steps, as this Arizona district learned.

Delaware sets a vision for professional learning

At the state level, Delaware looks to standards to shift its definition of high-quality professional learning to be content-specific and curriculum-focused.

The view from Canada

Educators in two Canadian provinces share a distinctly Canadian lens on the launch of the revised Standards for Professional Learning.

Equity standards give us the power to transform ourselves and our schools

A community of practice examines the three equity standards to understand how they impact professional learning design and facilitation.

Curriculum and instruction take a front seat in professional learning

The Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction standard reflects growing knowledge about the impact of high-quality instructional materials on student learning.

Aligned standards keep students, teachers, and leaders moving in the same direction

A crosswalk of standards for leadership and professional learning shows how they complement one another.

How Standards for Professional Learning lead to improvement for all learners

A new graphic helps educators think about the connection among standards, professional learning, and outcomes.


IC maps paint a picture of standards in action

Innovation Configuration maps help educators take concrete steps to implement standards.


The research foundation for Standards for Professional Learning

Revised standards reflect the latest research, thanks to a comprehensive review of recent findings.

Study links standards with teacher and student outcomes

A meta-analysis illuminates the positive relationship between standards-aligned professional learning and teacher instruction and student achievement.


Denise Glyn Borders and Frederick Brown

Call to action

New standards help us meet today’s challenges

Paul Fleming

Standards in practice

Why these standards matter for you (yes, you)

Melinda George

Policy perspective

Make the connection for policymakers

Baruti Kafele

Learning leaders

Equity is a standard of practice


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