Leading for Equity

December 2021

Building equity takes leadership at every level – in classrooms, schools, districts, and beyond – and everyone can learn to be an equity leader. This issue examines that learning journey and how to cultivate leadership that leads to change.


The Learning Professional

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Equity is an ongoing journey that challenges us all

Achieving equity takes leadership from the top and at every other level, too.

Walking a tightrope or catapulting from a cannon?

We need a range of leadership approaches but a set of common goals for equity work.

A culture of equity calls for leadership from the top 

Delaware is creating a statewide vision for equity and mapping out steps to achieve it.

In Chicago, listening is the first step toward equity 

Before creating an equity framework, district leaders started with conversations and collective goals.

‘Equity work is not a zero-sum game’

How Atlanta’s chief equity and social justice officer is building support for change.

One district’s path to a diverse staff

Efforts to recruit and retain educators of color are paying off in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.

Mind the gap

Infographic looks at educator diversity versus student diversity.

To lead for equity, learn from teachers

Teachers’ collaborative inquiry can lead the way to systemic change.

Equity at every level 

José Luis Navarro’s perspective crosses school and district levels.

One simple question can accelerate progress toward equity 

Leaders benefit from asking what successful schools are doing differently.

Honoring history, cultivating genius 

A conversation with Gholdy Muhammad.

For curriculum quality, cultural representation matters 

A curriculum review can help ensure that instruction is culturally responsive, relevant, and sustaining.

COVID-19’s impact on Latinx students: What education leaders need to know. 

Leaders need to understand the needs of Latinx students, who have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic.

‘Equity is meeting young people right where they are’: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE 

A conversation with Principal Baruti Kafele.

What educators can learn from equity officers in local government: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE 

A network of city and county chief equity officers holds lessons for schools.

Close the gap between intent and impact: ONLINE EXCLUSIVE 

How to make systems more equitable.


Set a SMARTIE goal to target inclusion and equity 

How to expand the SMART goal framework to be intentional about equity.

Through the lens

How this issue’s articles embody the Standards for Professional Learning.


Data points 

The latest research on teacher vacancies, implementation fidelity, principal support, and professional learning’s link to self-efficacy.

Restorative practices benefit both teachers and students 

A restorative practices program in Pittsburgh reduced suspension rates and improved school climate.


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