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JSD Themes for 2016

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Theme: Measuring impact
Manuscript deadline:
Oct. 15, 2016
April 2017

Ongoing support for and investment in professional learning is linked to a belief that professional learning leads to results for educators and students. JSD editors will explore the topic of evaluating professional learning to monitor results in this issue. For this issue, JSD editors will consider articles that address these questions and other related themes:

  • What structures, processes, and forms of evaluation are useful for those working in professional learning at the school or district level?
  • What do practitioners need to know and be able to do to understand the impact of professional learning on adult practices and student results?
  • How does the initial planning of an initiative best include elements that lead to knowing professional learning’s impact?
  • How do schools and school systems use internal and/or external evaluation expertise to collect information about the effectiveness of their professional learning?
  • What context and cultural elements support monitoring the impact of professional learning?
  • What examples of evaluation of professional learning contribute to the knowledge base about effective learning practices for students and adults?

JSD editors are always concerned with articles that show evidence that the professional learning described leads to improved student outcomes.