So you think you can lead?

By Denelle West | December 7, 2015

When we think about what hooks us to popular reality television shows, it’s often the characters that pull us in each week. Is it the odd or eccentric idiosyncrasies that leave us baffled and intrigued about what they might do next? Do we find ourselves trying to predict their behaviors and how others around them might respond? Trying to decipher the needs and behaviors of others is a critical skill that helps make leaders effective.

Twists and Turns on the Road to Where I Am Today

By Deborah Jackson | November 24, 2015

People who know Deborah Jackson, Learning Forward board of trustees president, know how passionate she is about education. In this post, she reflects on how her path has not always been predictable and shares a few of the more surprising moments in her life as a learning leader.

5 things school leaders do that make a big difference for teachers

By Stephanie Hirsh | November 3, 2015

Research has confirmed many times that leadership is second only to teaching in influencing student achievement. What do system and school leaders do that teachers value most and identify as most helpful in their efforts to ensure high-quality literacy and standards-based instruction for all students?

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Professional learning is important, but not for me!

By Mike Murphy | August 21, 2015

I was about to facilitate professional learning with school leaders in a large, urban school district a few months ago. The topics had been planned, the content and process had been reviewed, and I was ready to go. Right before my time started, I had the opportunity to meet the central office educator who was in the room and, according to the organizational chart, in charge of school improvement, instruction, and student performance.

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The power of words to spark positive change

By Dawn Wilson | August 10, 2015

How do you use the power of words to spark positive change? How are words being used in your setting to create a culture of caring? Words matter. They can offer perspective, insight, and understanding. Words can bring encouragement and hope.

All it takes is a few risk takers to get people moving

By Frederick Brown | July 20, 2015

The Learning Forward team had a very successful weekend in Toronto with our Academy cohorts, affiliates, institutes, and board meetings. Our Academy 2017 cohort got off to a great start, and many of the Academy 2016 members shared with us how much their learning is starting to gel. The affiliate leaders appreciated the choices of learning opportunities they had throughout the weekend, and several institute participants shared with me that the learning they experienced was both timely and impactful.

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