Stephanie Hirsh

Stephanie Hirsh retired in June 2019 after 31 years with Learning Forward, an international association of more than 13,000 educators committed to increasing student achievement through effective professional learning. Hirsh led the organization as its executive director for the last 13 years where she presented, published, and consulted on Learning Forward’s behalf across North America. Her books include Becoming a Learning Team, co-authored with Tracy Crow (Learning Forward, 2018), Becoming a Learning System, co-authored with Kay Psencik and Frederick Brown (Learning Forward, 2018); A Playbook for Professional Learning: Putting the Standards Into Action, co-authored with Shirley Hord (Learning Forward, 2012); and The Learning Educator: A New Era for Professional Learning, co-authored with Joellen Killion (NSDC, 2007). Hirsh wrote a column for The Learning Professional, Learning Forward’s bimonthly magazine, Educational Leadership, Phi Delta Kappan, The Record, The School Administrator, American School Board Journal, The High School Magazine, and Education Week. Hirsh has served on a number of advisory boards including Learning First Alliance, 2-Rev, Digital Promise, the University of Texas College of Education, and The Teaching Channel. She served three terms as a school board trustee in the Richardson (TX) Independent School District. She received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Texas Staff Development Council, Master Trustee from the Texas School Board Association, and was named a Distinguished Alumna by the University of North Texas.

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New curriculum demands new support

By Stephanie Hirsh and Jonathan Ben-Isvy | October 1, 2021

Chicago schools embrace curriculum-based professional learning to implement new instructional materials.

The art of listening

By Kay Psencik, Frederick Brown and Stephanie Hirsh | August 1, 2021

Deepen your listening skills to strengthen your leadership.

Transforming teaching through curriculum-based professional learning

By Jim Short, Stephanie Hirsh, Kalonda Colson McDonald and Katherine L. McNeill | February 4, 2021

Watch this webinar to learn how schools and systems ensure teachers experience the instruction their students experience so they change their instructional practices, leading to better student outcomes.

Learning cycles provide structures for uncertain times

Learning cycles provide structures for uncertain times

By Stephanie Hirsh | April 10, 2020

My daughter is an assistant elementary principal in a large elementary school. Due to COVID-19, like so many of you, she now spends her days in front of the computer in a variety of one-on-one and team meetings. She has a number of concerns about how this disruption will impact her students, her teachers, the […]

Honoring the legacy of Shirley Hord

By Stephanie Hirsh | October 22, 2019

At the moment of our departure From this world, Neither silver nor gold nor precious Stones accompany us – Only learning and good deeds. Mishnah, Avot 6:9 On Tuesday, our dear friend and colleague Shirley Hord passed away following complications from a stroke six weeks earlier. Up until the very end, Shirley lived life on […]

Leverage high-quality instructional materials

By Stephanie Hirsh | June 4, 2019

Studying and implementing high-quality instructional materials anchors the work of effective learning teams. Learning Forward has elevated the importance of this work for the same reason we amplified the role of equity in our vision — a recognition of the need to prioritize and be explicit about the strategies that have the most potential to […]