Frederick Brown

Frederick Brown is Learning Forward’s president | CEO. Prior to joining Learning Forward, Brown served as a senior program officer for the New York City based Wallace Foundation where he guided the work of several major grantees, including the Southern Regional Education Board; the Institute for Learning at the University of Pittsburgh; and the states of Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Oregon, Kansas, and New Jersey.

Before joining The Wallace Foundation, Brown was director of the Leadership Academy and Urban Network for Chicago (LAUNCH), an organization whose mission was to identify, train, and support principals for the Chicago Public Schools. In 2005, LAUNCH was highlighted by the U.S. Department of Education as an Innovative Pathway to the Principalship.

Brown’s expertise is grounded in real-world experience. He has been an elementary school teacher and principal as well as a middle school assistant principal. He also served as a founding member of the Mathematics and Equity Teams for Ohio’s Project Discovery, a statewide initiative to improve mathematics and science instruction.

Over the past 15 years, Brown has been a leader in designing and facilitating cutting-edge learning experiences for school and district administrators on topics such as cultural competence, leadership, and professional learning communities.

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Why principals matter more than ever

By Frederick Brown | July 28, 2021

As I’ve talked with school principals over the past year, I’ve consistently heard three themes. First, principals recognize that their leadership matters now more than ever before, and they are stepping up to meet the needs of their teachers and students. Second, they realize that one of their important roles is building a supportive and […]

Equity is front and center in revised standards

By Frederick Brown and Tracy Crow | June 1, 2021

At Learning Forward, we believe that all educators and education sectors must commit to doing their part to build equity and dismantle racism, classism, homophobia, misogyny, and other forms of prejudice. As an organization focused on professional learning as a key lever for school improvement, we have a clear role to play in building educators’ […]

[Video] What does the American Rescue Plan mean for you as a leader of educator learning?

By Frederick Brown and Melinda George | April 14, 2021

Do you have questions about how the American Rescue Plan affects leaders of learning like yourself? Learning Forward’s Chief Strategy Officer Melinda George and Chief Learning Officer Frederick Brown have put together a short video explaining what the rescue plan means for education; how the funds can be used; and how Learning Forward’s Professional Services […]

How principals affect students and schools: Leading learning in a virtual world

By Frederick Brown, Anna J. Egalite and Marlon Williams | April 8, 2021

This webinar will focus on the key leadership resources, strategies, and ideas at the school and system levels for developing and supporting principals in a virtual world so that all educators and students experience success. Participants will: Understand the groundbreaking findings from recent research and how they can be applied in policy and practice. Learn […]

How can we support leaders of color?

By Frederick Brown | April 1, 2021

How can we support leaders of color?

Learning Forward puts equity front and center

By Frederick Brown and Paul Fleming | December 1, 2020

In the October 2018 issue of The Learning Professional, Courageous Conversation founder Glenn Singleton reminded us not to engage in “random acts of equity.” Consistent with that message, Learning Forward aspires to develop a comprehensive approach to equity. In recent months, Learning Forward has developed an equity position statement to guide that approach and our […]