At this time last year, when we were planning 2020’s issues of The Learning Professional, we never could have predicted that the most popular articles of the next year would have titles like “Professional learning in a pandemic” and “Long distance leadership.” But as we all found ourselves confronting new realities and challenges, The Learning Professional’s editorial team adapted our plans to meet the needs of the moment, just as you have.

We are beyond grateful to our contributors for sharing their strategies, wisdom, and encouragement about navigating the pandemic – and to all of our readers for your continuous and courageous learning and leading on behalf of students.

We invite you to take a look back at what our field has learned over the last year, and to catch up on some of the content you may have missed in this hectic time.

Here are the ten most-visited articles of 2020:

  1. An opportunity for equitySonia Caus Gleason and Jill Harrison Berg
  2. A new blueprint for schoolsTom Arnett and Chelsea Waite
  3. What teachers need nowClaire Rivero
  4. Learning as much as we can as fast as we canSuzanne Bouffard
  5. The ultimate adaptive challengeEllie Drago-Severson and Mary Anton
  6. Long distance leadershipJennifer Gill
  7. Learning together when you’re apart Jody Guarino, Rossella Santagata, Jiwon Lee, Duane Cox, and John Drake
  8. Making mentoring work online Tom Manning, Kathleen Sheehy, and Leslie Ceballos
  9. Technology moves from resource to lifeline Suzanne Bouffard
  10. Professional learning in a pandemic Learning Forward

Even though we don’t know what 2021 will bring, we’re already looking forward to some great new content on racial equity, social and emotional learning, teaching in the early grades, and other urgent topics. We hope you’ll keep reading and spreading the word on social media, using the hashtag #LearnFwdTLP. Don’t forget to submit your articles for next year’s issues, which you can find, along with author guidelines, on our submissions page.