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Rethinking adult learning is essential to the redesign of learning for children.

Learning Forward has convened a diverse group of leading thinkers and designers to identify new solutions to challenges within the current professional learning system and to inspire new thinking about how to create demand for—and implement—redesigned systems of support that can guarantee that all educators have access to effective professional learning.

Learning Forward and its almost 30 partners constitute a collaborative professional learning community of individuals from organizations that have demonstrated leadership in all aspects of K-12 education.

These PD redesign partners:

  • Contribute to a professional learning community where partners learn from each other and from leaders in other fields that focus on changing human behavior.
  • Commit to openly share their own challenges in the creation and support of professional learning systems.
  • Co-create new designs and solutions for professional learning systems that can achieve new outcomes for individual learners, participating organizations, and networks of partners across the K-12 continuum.
  • Design a strategy to advance professional learning redesign and move people and organizations toward new practices and behaviors in the field.

The Redesign PD Partnership convenes face to face four times yearly and continues its collaborative work virtually and in smaller group discussions. 

Shared statement: 
From mirage to reality: Redesign professional learning to improve classroom teaching

The TNTP 2015 study The Mirage: Confronting the Hard Truth About the Quest for Teacher Development, recommends that we re-envision professional learning by asking fundamentally different questions about what better teaching means and how to achieve it.  Read the Redesign PD Partnership's statement about this work.   

What is the purpose of the RedesignPD principals?

How the RedesignPD principals have been used to improve teaching and learning.

Alexandra Fuentes on using the RedesignPD Principles.

Learning Forward's Redesign PD partnership is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Partnership to Redesign PD: Powering Up Your PD

Start powering your own professional learning from the webinar POWERING UP YOUR PD!

Originally aired Thursday, November 17, 6-7 pm EST

Are you…

  • …facing challenges meeting your personal professional learning goals?
  • ...wanting to know how to more effectively advocate for what you need?
  • …In need of help identifying your learning needs and making smart choices?
  • …wondering about the effectiveness of your professional learning experiences and how to assess them?

Watch Webinar

Review the power point from this webinar for tips, professional references, tools and links you can continue to use to help you increase your agency and improve your own learning, from wherever you are starting right now.