RedesignPD Principles


Redesign PD Principles

From the Redesign PD Partnership

We commit to advancing knowledge about what makes professional learning effective and using that knowledge to continuously improve practice and inform policy. We advocate for the redesign of professional learning systems because we share this belief: Effective professional learning is essential to improving and inspiring excellent teaching and learning for all students.

  1. Teaching and education leadership are complex professions that require continuous growth and support.
  2. Learning systems designed to graduate college and career-ready students prioritize time, support and other resources in service of meaningful educator collaboration and professional learning.
  3. An inquiry orientation and meaningful collaboration help create cultures that support student learning and the daily work of teachers.
  4. Empowering educators to determine and lead their own learning and that of their peers will help them better meet the needs of their students.
  5. Measuring the impact of professional learning provides data that are essential to decision-making and better allocation of resources.

The professional learning redesign principles above shape not only our collective work but also the work of the organizations we represent. They reflect our assumptions and intentions for action.

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