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Uplifting Professional Learning: Hargreaves Stimulates Leadership Ideas Return to Top


Andy Hargreaves spoke to the PD redesign partners in Long Beach, about lessons learned and conveyed in his newest book, Uplifting Leadership: How Organizations, Teams and Communities Raise Performance as well as from Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching in Every School, which he wrote with Michael Fullan.

Hargreaves is the Thomas More Brennan Chair in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. Before that, he was the co-founder and co-Director of the International Centre for Educational Change at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

Included here are five short and compelling clips from his talk:

Teachers Driving Innovation features lessons from reforms and innovative union practice in Ontario, Canada. View the video>>>

Push and Pull, Professional Capital discusses human, social and decisional capital and how we can use them in combination to "push" and "pull" behavioral change.  View the video>>>

Thinking Schools for a Learning Nation  outlines Singapore's approach to learning in schools. View the video>>>

Collaborating with Competitors connects lessons from the beer industry to improvements in educator learning. View the video>>

Leadership and Professional Development provides a cheeky metaphor that may indeed get you tweeting. If you do, be sure to reference #redesignPD.  View the video>>>

To view Hargreaves' complete talk, titled Uplifting Professional Learning Click here>>>


Important Lessons From a Software Giant Return to Top


In the Learning Forward blog, Stephanie Hirsh considers lessons about culture and learning from the analytics software company SAS and explores implications for educators.

Teaching with Avatars Return to Top

The University of Central Florida has developed one of the most innovative approaches to teacher preparation in the nation. In collaboration with the university’s Institute for Simulation and Training, professors at UCF’s College of Education developed the TLE TeachLivE™ project to enable teaching candidates and veteran instructors to sharpen their classroom skills. TLE TeachLivE™ connects educators with virtual classrooms of student avatars, controlled by an expert actor at UCF. With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the program has expanded to include 42 campus partners across the country since 2009.

See what a virtual lesson looks like in the TeachLivE lab.

Watch a PD BrainTrust member practice a parent-teacher conference with a TeachLivE avatar.

How to Effectively Share Expert Knowledge Return to Top

Harvard Business School Professor Dorothy Leonard and Dr. Gavin Barton recently spoke to the PD redesign partners about the transfer of knowledge and expertise from one professional to another.

Knowledge sharing is essential for any organization. Without it, we risk losing critical information, creating inefficiencies, damaging relationships and creating silos. And yet, much of the knowledge experts have developed may be unarticulated or captured externally. These "Deep Smarts™" are equally valuable and difficult to transfer to other professionals.

Watch videos and learn more from Dr. Leonard:

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