Learning-oriented leadership cultivates teacher leaders

By Ellie Drago-Severson and Christy Joswick O’Connor
Categories: Leadership, Teacher leadership
February 2023
In our work with school leaders, practitioners frequently tell us that leading schools while navigating the complexities of current times is too difficult for a principal to do alone. Collaboration has always been important, but even more so now, with all the stresses and unknowns we are facing. In this context, shared leadership is essential. While scholars have suggested many models of shared leadership among principals and teachers (Boyce & Bowers, 2018; Diem et al., 2022; Young et al., 2022), less is known about how to translate models of shared leadership into practice and build teachers’ leadership capacity in schools (Campbell et al., 2022; Young et al., 2022). To meet that need, we created a developmental approach we call learning-oriented leadership that principals and district

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Christy joswick oconnor
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Christy Joswick-O'Connor ( is a director of curriculum in the Florham Park School District in New Jersey.

Categories: Leadership, Teacher leadership

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