Leadership under pressure

October 2021

How do you lead in times of crisis? It starts with openness to learning and growth. This issue examines how professional learning can help you support your teams through stressful […]


The Learning Professional

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Leadership shines a light in dark times

This issue highlights what’s working — and not working — and what kinds of support leaders need to keep going strong.

The case for investing in principals

Infographic shows why leaders matter and where they need support.

As crises mount, respond with compassionate leadership

Compassionate leaders influence others through inspiring, encouraging, empowering, and embodying.

From survival to opportunity 

Three leadership capacities allow schools to thrive during times of crisis.

How to prepare leaders for a crisis 

School leaders’ insights during COVID-19 suggest ways to strengthen leadership preparation and support.

Cultivate a culture of coaching 

Leaders can use these strategies to root instructional coaching in the school culture.

Professional learning for a virtual world

Learning Forward’s network helps districts navigate challenging times.

Lead with social and emotional support 

The emotional path is a powerful leadership approach for resilience and recovery.

What it takes to become a learning system — even in a pandemic 

How three principals learned from one another while addressing their own problems of practice.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Make each connection count 

How one school leader collaborates with staff during crisis.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Can distance bring us closer? 

A leadership preparation program evolves to meet new needs.

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: How principals lead across content areas 

To bolster instructional leadership, develop leadership content knowledge.


Find your growth opportunities 

A self-assessment of professional growth needs can help you work more productively.

Make time for professional learning

This tool helps school leaders prioritize time for learning and continuous improvement.

Through the lens

How this issue’s articles embody the Standards for Professional Learning.


New curriculum demands new support

Chicago schools embrace curriculum-based professional learning to implement new instructional materials.

Leaders play key roles in the professional learning ecosystem 

For professional learning to stick, pay attention to organizational structures, programs, and priorities.

Group coaching builds connections 

Cluster coaching provides multifaceted support by connecting learning leaders online.

3 challenges new coaches face – and how to overcome them 

Support from leaders can help novice coaches find their stride.


What’s next for schools? 

Researchers explore what students and teachers have learned from the pandemic about how to improve schools.

Data points 

The latest research on how districts are using ARP funds, how leaders influence teacher well-being, the impact of teacher mentoring, and more.


Frederick Brown and Sharron Helmke

What I've learned

No more random acts of professional learning

Gloria Ladson-Billings

Speaker spotlight

We need to do a better job talking about race 


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