Evidence, evidence, evidence

By Learning Forward
December 2018
Vol. 39 No. 6

Evidence of impact is not optional. From a state’s ESSA plans to Title II to talking with the district superintendent, everyone wants to know when — or whether — professional learning is making an impact and what is the evidence that indicates impact. Learning Forward is here to help. We invite you to join your peers from across the U.S. to share your successes in a short survey: http://bit.ly/impactPL.

Tell us what Title II funds in your school or district, and, most important, what outcomes you see as a result. Outcomes might include improved graduation rates or assessment scores, improvements for specific populations of students, or other indicators that students are experiencing more meaningful learning.

When Learning Forward’s allies and members spoke up for Title II this year, it made the difference to convince Congress to include federal funds for professional learning. Let’s make sure we keep documenting the importance of this critical investment.

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