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Individual & Collective

April 2015

It takes both learning options to complete the picture.


The Learning Professional

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Spring Webinar Series Continues 

Spring webinar series continues

Action Alert On ESEA

Thank you to all who responded to Learning Forward’s action alert last month. Congress is at work this year to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Many came forward […]

Learning Forward Affiliates 

Learning Forward Affiliates

Group Takes Fresh Look At Adult Learning 

Rethinking adult learning is essential to the redesign of learning for children. Learning Forward is facilitating a diverse group of leading thinkers, designers, and practitioners called the PD Brain Trust […] 

Demonstrating Impact Learning Forward works with educators at the school, system, regional, state, provincial, and national levels, providing a range of services and supports. This infographic offers a detailed look […]

The High Cost Of Convenience 

Novel ways of thinking often come from the cross-pollination of language from other professions. The term “satisficing” is one such term and is a powerful construct that fuses two concepts, […]

Net Results 

Protocols are strategies for having structured communication to enhance problem solving, encourage different perspectives, and build shared knowledge. The protocol process helps professional development leaders build community. The use of the […]

Spread Effective Teaching From Room To Room 

When I was a local school board member, parents frequently asked for my advice on how to ensure their child got a particular teacher in a school. I knew how […]



On Board

Over the past year, I started a new coaching relationship with an administrator. Walking through the leader’s school, I was transported back to eight years ago, when I was the […]

Book Club

Book Club

PD Brain Trust 

PD Brain Trust

Lessons From Research 

14What The Study Says In this study of 16 teachers in two primary schools in the Netherlands, researchers built on findings from previous studies to demonstrate that a thoughtfully designed […]

One Protocol, Two Ways 

Most protocols are flexible and can be used or adapted for multiple purposes. The Descriptive Consultancy (McDonald et al., 2007), developed by Nancy Mohr, is a variation on The Consultancy, […]


Deeper learning, Blended learning, Content reviews, Teacher leadership, Transformative thinking, Moving toward equity, Strong principals

Take Ownership Of Your Learning 

A couple of weeks ago, one of my colleagues related a coaching experience where she was in the position of sitting and watching, when she could have been trying and […]

The Shift From 'Me' To 'We' 

The athletic coach’s focus is to develop individual skills as well as the collective capacity of the team to perform at the highest level. A coaching culture applies the same […]

A Sense Of Balance 

The York Region District School Board in Ontario, Canada, is moving to what Hargreaves and Shirley call the fourth way of learning (Hargreaves & Shirley, 2009), which emphasizes teacher professionalism […]

'what If' Sparks A New Way To Learn 

In trying to make professional learning as individualized as possible, have we sacrificed collaboration and made the personal impersonal? This question came to mind as I took my school district’s […]

Tailored To Fit 

Professional learning communities have long been considered a powerful form of collaborative professional learning, as the Learning Communities standard in Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning attests (Learning Forward, 2011). […]

Data Drives These Coaches 

Go to any school board meeting and you will hear about the projects, goals, and initiatives taking place in the district’s schools. School-based staff must continue to learn and enact […]

An Argument Everyone Wins 

Do you like hot chocolate or chicken noodle soup on a cold winter day? Would you prefer to travel by bus or train to New York City? A 2nd-grade teacher […]

Pieces Of The Learning Puzzle 

Educators are demanding opportunities to access learning specific to their needs, and there are more options than ever for school systems to personalize learning. Sometimes these personalized learning options go […]

Up Close 

Collective responsibility “Collective participation advances the goals of a whole school or team as well as those of individuals. Communities of caring, analytic, reflective, and inquiring educators collaborate to learn […]

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