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Barbara Patterson Oden is president of Learning Forward Virginia (

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Virtual Advocacy Day: Skills, strategies, and motivation for making the case for professional learning

By Frederick Brown, Segun Eubanks, Paul Katnik, Barbara Patterson Oden, Melinda George and Jon Bernstein | September 14, 2022

This workshop includes advocacy strategies and tips that are applicable to any advocacy effort. Watch the recording to hone your skills, build confidence, and get excited about being an advocate.

Learning Forward Virginia focuses on educator well-being

By Amy Colton, Judy Newhouse and Barbara Patterson Oden | October 1, 2021

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Learning Forward Virginia is evolving to meet educators’ needs. Before the pandemic, teachers had a sense of their positive impact on students’ learning. But as they grappled with new technology and unfamiliar challenges, many felt disconnected and dispirited, unsure of whether they were making a difference. We realized we […]

‘You have to capture people’s hearts before their minds’

By Barbara Patterson Oden | August 1, 2021

‘You have to capture people’s hearts before their minds’

Documenting your Professional Learning Story: Showing the Impact of Professional Learning

By Elizabeth Foster, Melinda George, Jon Bernstein, Sue Renehan, Barbara Patterson Oden and Judy Newhouse | March 20, 2019

Elizabeth Foster and Melinda George of Learning Forward, Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group, Sue Renehan of Learning Forward New England, Barbara Patterson Oden of Learning Forward Virginia, and Judy Newhouse of Learning Forward Virginia describe their experiences and learnings from their advocacy visit to Washington, D.C. (more…)