Benefits of An Affiliate

Learning Forward invites state, provincial, and regional groups engaged in professional development to become affiliates of Learning Forward, a non-profit, international membership association. These groups must meet certain eligibility criteria and must fulfill certain obligations to remain in good standing.

To support affiliate leaders’ efforts to advance Learning Forward’s goals of high-quality professional development for all educators to improve student achievement, Learning Forward provides the following:

  • Formal and informal technical assistance via phone, email, or virtual meeting;
  • An annual mailing list of all Learning Forward members in the affiliate’s geographic area;
  • Two meetings a year for all affiliate leaders to network across sites;
  • Current information about policies, products, research, and services related to professional learning;
  • Complimentary one-day, on-site assistance from Learning Forward senior staff or a board member for planning, technical assistance, or presentations (for affiliates in good standing);
  • A camera-ready Learning Forward logo and subtitle, “An Affiliate of Learning Forward,” for print materials;
  • Complimentary materials for affiliate functions; and
  • Fee-based custom-designed services including speakers and meeting facilitators.

Those seeking to form an affiliation with Learning Forward must be approved by the Board of Trustees after submitting an Application for Affiliation, demonstrating eligibility and providing the necessary documentation. Applications must be submitted by November 1 (for December consideration) or May 1 (for July consideration).

For more information, please contact: Elizabeth Foster at or 703-307-6507 or contact Niki Gamble at or 513-523-6029.

Eligibility criteria for affiliation with Learning Forward:

  • The applying group subscribes to Learning Forward’s mission, beliefs, and strategic priorities;
  • The applying group is not also an affiliate of another organization;
  • The elected leaders of the applying group are individual members of Learning Forward;
  • The applying group has an adopted constitution, by-laws, or other written document which specifies its operating procedures;
  • The applying group has its own mission, goals, and strategies which are aligned with those of Learning Forward;
  • Representatives of the applying group’s leadership team commit to attend regularly scheduled meetings of Learning Forward’s affiliate leaders twice annually;
  • The applying group’s leaders commit to submitting an annual report to Learning Forward indicating results accomplished and goals achieved; and,
  • The applying group designates a key contact who will facilitate regular communication with Learning Forward.

To Remain in Good Standing, Affiliates must:

  • Ensure representation at the Affiliate Leaders Meeting during Learning Forward’s annual conference in December and at the Summer Affiliate Leaders Meeting in July.
  • Maintain the name as Learning Forward followed by the name of the state, province, region, or nation (e.g., Learning Forward India) and ensure print and web materials include the sub-title – “An affiliate of Learning Forward”;
  • Submit an Annual Report of affiliate activity on or before July 15th each year;
  • Maintain updated records of the contact person, list of elected officers and board members with terms of office designated.
  • Maintain a current list of affiliate member in an electronic format preferred (Learning Forward will use this list to inform affiliate members about Learning Forward’s services and products. It will not be sold.)
  • Ensure all officials are individual members of Learning Forward.
  • Include Learning Forward staff Fred Brown, Elizabeth Foster, and Niki Gamble on the affiliate membership list so that they receive publications and other communications.
  • Inform Learning Forward of changes in the affiliate’s elected officers and contact persons as such changes occur.
  • Display Learning Forward membership brochures, sample publications, and descriptions of Learning Forward services/products at major affiliate events.