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Calling all Title II advocates!

Sometimes calling your representative can seem overwhelming. Learn how you can leave a powerful voicemail message that makes a difference as Stephanie Hirsh calls one of her representatives to advocate for Title II funding.

1. Call your members in Congress

Unsure who your representative is? Visit the Find Your Representative tool.

2. Share your impact story

We invite you to join your peers from across the U.S. to share your successes here.

Tell us what Title II funds in your school or district, and most important, what outcomes you see as a result. Outcomes might include improved graduation rates or assessment scores, improvements for specific populations of students, or other indicators that students are experiencing more meaningful learning.

3. Tweet using #TitleIIA @[Senators and Reps]

Here are some sample tweets you can use:

  • Despite the President’s proposed budget, #TitleIIA is critical to educators and students.
  • #TitleIIA is critical for teachers, school leaders, and principals to do their jobs effectively; cuts threaten this ability.
  • Millions of teachers, principals, and school leaders depend on #TitleIIA to improve schools and instruction in the classroom.
  • #ESSA allows states to use 3% of #TitleIIA funds for PD for principals; cutting decreases the chances to seize this opportunity.
  • Each #ESSA plan is relying on #TitleIIA dollars to implement programs that will train educators on how to improve student achievement. Congress, give the states what they want by supporting full funding for #TitleIIA!
  • The quality of teaching and leadership in schools are the two most significant in-school factors tied to student achievement. #TitleIIA
  • #TitleIIA supports increased student academic achievement by promoting strategies that will positively affect educator effectiveness.
  • Educators and students deserve schools led by great principals. Tell Congress to maintain school leadership funding through #TitleIIA
  • Educators and students deserve schools filled with outstanding teachers. Tell Congress to maintain professional development funding for teachers through #TitleIIA
  • Students and teachers need great principals to thrive—Tell Congress: Don't cut school leadership funding! #TitleIIA
  • Without great principals, we won't have great schools. Tell Congress to maintain school leadership funding! #TitleIIA
  • Educators: Join us in telling Congress not to cut school leadership funding! #TitleIIA

4. Watch our webinars

Learning Forward hosted a series of advocacy webinars designed to help educators build their advocacy skills. Each free webinar provides background information, the legislative status of Title II, and offers practical steps for how you can engage in this critical fight. Access on-demand webinars here.

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5. Read our advocacy posts

Learning Forward Urges Rapid Passage of FY19 Spending Bill


Learning Forward Executive Director Stephanie Hirsh issued a statement about the bipartisan conference bill that funds defense, labor, health, human services, and education. “I applaud the bipartisan and bicameral agreement on the FY19 spending bill that provides level funding for Title IIA of ESSA, which funds critical support so educators can meet the needs of...

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