Title II

Reaching Out to Members of Congress Talking Points

  • Full funding of Title II – the Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants Program in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) – must be restored in order that teachers and principals are able to meet the needs of the students they serve.
  • Title II is the only dedicated source of federal funding for professional learning and leadership support for teachers and principals.
  • With an increasingly diverse set of student needs and higher demands for how students must be prepared to be college and career ready, Title II has never been more important! Teachers and school leaders must have resources available for continued growth in their practice to meet student needs.
  • ESSA strengthened Title II by establishing new evidence requirements and a more rigorous definition of professional learning. We need to give ESSA a chance to work!
  • We use Title II funds in my [school/district/state] for....

Among its many uses, Title II supports:

  • instructional coaching and mentoring,
  • professional learning in content and pedagogy,
  • specialized training for teachers and principals to meet individual student needs,
  • implementation support for personalized learning, effective instructional materials and technology, and
  • leadership development for principals.

What members are saying

Why invest in the Learning Forward Academy? It is an opportunity of a lifetime to deepen dispositions and collaborate with peers. The Learning Forward Academy is an engaging learning community of professionals from around the world that commit to exploring effective practices for their organizations. As an Academy member, I had the opportunity to deepen my understanding of professional learning as it relates to teaching and learning. The Academy provided a collaborative space for me to deepen my knowledge, attitude, skills, aspirations, and behaviors by engaging in inquiry around a Problem of Practice.

— Ramona Coleman

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