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Sample Tweets to Congress

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Here are PEPS Increase sample tweets you can use:

  • Professional learning is critical. Funding needs to increase every year. Support the 2% PEPS Increase for professional learning. @learningforward #TitleIIA #learnfwd19 [Tweet]
  • We need an annual cost of learning increase for professional learning. Support the 2% PEPS Increase for professional learning. @learningforward #learnfwd19 [Tweet]
  • If student learning needs to increase, and if educator learning needs to increase, then professional learning budgets need to increase. Support the 2% PEPS Increase. @learningforward #learnfwd19 [Tweet]

Here are some sample tweets you can use:

  • Follow the House’s lead - #TitleIIA is critical to educators and students. @learningforward [Tweet]
  • The House included a $500M increase for #TitleIIA. Follow this lead and vote to fully fund this critical program. [Tweet]
  • There is no more important budget priority than America’s children. Increase funding for #TitleIIA so that teachers and leaders can support our students. @learningforward [Tweet]
  • #TitleIIA is critical for teachers, school leaders, and principals to do their jobs effectively; increase funding for this program. @learningforward [Tweet]
  • Millions of teachers, principals, and school leaders depend on #TitleIIA to improve schools and instruction in the classroom. @learningforward [Tweet]
  • #ESSA allows states to use 3% of #TitleIIA funds for PD for principals; we need to fully fund to seize this opportunity. @learningforward [Tweet]
  • Each #ESSA plan is relying on #TitleIIA dollars to implement programs that will train educators on how to improve student achievement. Congress, give the states what they want by supporting an increase in funding for #TitleIIA! @learningforward [Tweet]
  • The quality of teaching and leadership in schools are the two most significant in-school factors tied to student achievement. #TitleIIA @learningforward [Tweet]
  • #TitleIIA supports increased student academic achievement by promoting strategies that will positively affect educator effectiveness. @learningforward [Tweet]
  • Educators and students deserve schools filled with outstanding teachers. Tell Congress to increase professional development funding for teachers through #TitleIIA. @learningforward [Tweet]
  • Educators and students deserve schools led by great principals. Tell Congress to maintain school leadership funding through #TitleIIA. @learningforward [Tweet]

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