Dallas, Texas – Feb. 10, 2020

Denise Glyn Borders, President and CEO of Learning Forward, issued the following statement about President Trump’s proposed budget for FY21, released on 2/10/20:

“For the fourth year in a row, President Trump has demonstrated his complete lack of support for the professionals educating our students every day in our schools. His proposed budget consolidates several school improvement programs and eliminates billions of dollars of critical funds overall, including specific funding for Title II-A of the Every Student Succeeds Act. Title II-A funds support professional learning and are often the only dollars that districts have available to invest in building educators’ capacity to improve teaching and learning for all students.

“By block granting nearly all k-12 funds to states, the President’s proposal could eviscerate many of the key provisions and protections found in the Every Student Succeeds Act. Every educator needs access to high quality professional learning. Dedicated funds for professional learning need to be guaranteed to continue to build the practice of educators to be commensurate with the growing needs of our students.

“Learning Forward appreciates that policymakers in Congress have, in a bipartisan fashion, consistently reinstated Title II-A funding in their budgets. We call on Congress to step forward again to improve upon the funding gains that Title II-A made last year and protect ESSA’s carefully crafted language from being lost in the President’s proposed block grant and consolidation scheme.”

To speak with Denise Glyn Borders, call 972-421-0898 or email denise.borders@learningforward.org.


About Learning Forward

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