April 2012
Vol. 33 No. 2

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The Learning Professional

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Strategies Click Into Place

The Doing What Works website translates researched-based practices into practical tools to improve classroom instruction. (Available to the public.)

From The Director

(Available to the public.) By Stephanie Hirsh


Winning Strategy: Set benchmarks of early success to build momentum for the long term. By Jody Spiro Establishing and meeting benchmarks of success early in the change process demonstrates to everyone that achieving the change goals is feasible and will result in benefits for those involved. The Early Win Wonder Tool can help leadership teams develop […] 

The PLC Learning Game  In the Spring 2012 issue of Tools for Learning Schools, Lois Brown Easton uses Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle to illustrate how education leaders can benefit from instilling a desire to change first, the “why” of change, before proceeding to the questions of how to make those changes and what is needed […]

Learning Forward Selects Kentucky Task Force Members For Common Core Initiative

Kentucky task force members selected

New Standards Resource Available To Download

New standards resource available to download

On Board 

Kenneth Salim stresses the importance of implementation

Book Club 

Book Club

Introducing Professional Learning News

Introducing Professional Learning News

Cultural Proficiency

Cultural proficiency means having the courage to act despite risks. (Available to the public.)

Collaborative Culture

A willingness to speak the truth serves as a call to action and an important first step. (Available to the public.)


Reflective feedback protocol


Teacher dissatisfaction, Lessons from business, Principal leadership, Reaching consensus, Future teachers, Common core implementation, International benchmarking, Online learning policy

From The Editor

from the editor

A United Commitment To Change

School leaders work with teachers associations to transform schools in Indiana and Washington under the federal School Improvement Grant program. (Available to the public.)

Deep Learning Takes Root 

Teachers at a small elementary school in New Jersey developed a three-level program of community learning that would enable students to succeed in math.

Problem Solved 

The problem-solving cycle's adaptability makes it a perfect learning model to improve middle school math instruction in a large, urban Colorado district.

Coaching Protocol Gives Rural District A Common Language For Learning

A rural North Carolina district improves academic language proficiency using the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol. In the process, teachers learned to lead and learning shifted from teacher-centered to student-centered. (Available to the public.)

Connect The Dots 

A research team finds that a stable, protected setting where educators can focus on improving practice is a key ingredient for building coherence and sustaining professional learning in a school or district.

Record, Replay, Reflect 

A University of Kansas study shows the value of video for providing an objective view of teaching and coaching that propels educators into improving their practice.

Winning Strategy 

Early wins demonstrate to everyone that achieving change goals is feasible and will result in benefits for those involved.

Up Close

Connecting the standards, Reaching for the highest gains, The implementation dip

Carry Learning Forward To The Next Level 

Do you know about your state or provincial Learning Forward affiliate organization? If you aren’t already actively involved with the affiliate that serves your area, visit www.learningforward. org/about/affiliates.cfm to explore this opportunity to engage at a deeper level with the organization. State, regional, and provincial affiliates vary in the kinds of activities they use to […]

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