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How does a team set a context for learning and continuous improvement?

By Stephanie Hirsh | March 21, 2017

Authors Stephanie Hirsh and Tracy Crow use research from the best minds to bring you best practices in their new book: Becoming a Learning Team. Too often, teams are created without specific intention, ensuring their failure. Becoming a Learning Team gives you a 5-step process to structure your efforts, giving you positive, measurable student results. Read an excerpt here.

Trusting, collegial relationships build strengths in learning systems

By Angela | March 3, 2017

Strong student-teacher relationships produce positive outcomes in student achievement. So do relationships among educators. Read more about how four district principals came together to build strong professional bonds with the goal of school improvement.

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Inspire your PLCs with these tips

By Angela | January 9, 2017

This year’s Learning Forward Team Grant awardee Kathleen O’Flynn and her team share 10 tips you can use to build an inspiring and engaging professional learning community. Read more about their advice to kick-start your 2017.

Lessons from the Redesign PD Community of Practice

By Stephanie Hirsh | December 31, 2016

Learning Forward’s Redesign PD Community of Practice works to ensure all educators experience effect professional learning. Read this assessment of how participating districts worked to solve two problems of practice by Stephanie Hirsh.

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Junior high principal increases collaborative professional learning and improves student outcomes

By Angela | November 4, 2016

Kelly Hastings, Principal of Young Junior High School in Arlington, Texas, is this year’s winner of the Principal as a Leader of Professional Learning Scholarship award. Read how her goal to lead the shift in teaching to a student-centered approach through a campus-wide Project-Based Learning initiative brought her to the Standards for Professional Learning.

Blogging: Learning beyond boundaries

By Angela | October 26, 2016

Dawn Wilson explains how blogging can elevate your professional practice and expand your virtual Professional Learning Network.

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