Melinda George

Melinda leads Learning Forward’s policy work on critical programs such as Title IIA, including working with Learning Forward members to be strong advocates on behalf of professional learning. She is a designer and facilitator for Learning Forward networks including the Design Professional Learning in a Virtual World (DPLV) network and the What Matters Now (WMN) network. Prior to joining Learning Forward, Melinda was president of the National Commission on Teaching & America’s Future (NCTAF). She began her career as a fourth grade teacher in Washington, DC. Melinda believes that every voice should be heard and she encourages advocacy leadership for all!

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Virtual Advocacy Day: Skills, strategies, and motivation for making the case for professional learning

By Frederick Brown, Segun Eubanks, Paul Katnik, Barbara Patterson Oden, Melinda George and Jon Bernstein | September 14, 2022

This workshop includes advocacy strategies and tips that are applicable to any advocacy effort. Watch the recording to hone your skills, build confidence, and get excited about being an advocate.

Join us Sept. 14 for Virtual Advocacy Day supporting TitleIIA

By Melinda George | August 29, 2022

Federal lawmakers need to hear from Learning Forward members and network partners to ensure that professional learning is a policy priority. They need to know that professional learning, and in particular Title IIA, deserves their full attention and support now more than ever. As educators and students struggle to recover from the setbacks of the […]

Mentor support can ease the teacher retention crisis

By Melinda George | August 1, 2022

When I was a new teacher, I spent my day asking questions — from how to use the copier to how to reach a struggling student and everything in between. It was sometimes exhausting. I felt like I was the only one in my building who didn’t know how things worked. When my classroom door […]

Make the connection for policymakers

By Melinda George | June 1, 2022

When the revised Standards for Professional Learning were released this spring, I had an inspiring conversation with a lead appropriations staff person from the U.S. House of Representatives. We were discussing the graphic that depicts the standards and shows how all the standards work together to improve systems to support professional learning. Just like that, […]

How Learning Forward’s new Standards for Professional Learning intersect with Federal education policy

By Maria Hyler, Paul Katnik, Jessica Kazigian, Nader Twal, Melinda George and Paul Fleming | April 27, 2022

This special briefing will focus on how the revised standards can and should strengthen federal education policy and investment around professional learning.

Inspiration to lean into the important work of professional learning

By Melinda George | February 9, 2022

“It is critical that every educator has access to high-quality professional learning opportunities and resources like those from Learning Forward.” – U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, Learning Forward 2021 Annual Conference, December 7, 2021 The events of the last two years have been daunting. Everyone has had to dig deep to find the courage, […]