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Joyce Lin

Joyce Lin is a senior program officer for the Teaching Fellows Program and a Knowles Academy course instructor at the Knowles Teacher Initiative. She designs and leads professional development for math and science educators across the nation. Her areas of interest include community building and facilitation.

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    How do you build the collaboration essential for professional learning amid political, social, and other tensions? This webinar will examine strategies for building trust, shared purpose, and community among educators. It will draw on articles from the February 2022 issue of The Learning Professional on the theme of building community […]
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    When a new community forms, whether it’s an elementary school class or a teacher inquiry group, co-constructing norms or community expectations is often one of the members’ first tasks. The common rationale for this approach is that it builds community and creates buy-in (Allen & Blythe, 2015; Lakey, 2010). Although […]
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