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Jennifer Abrams ( is a communications consultant, facilitator, coach, and author.

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Find your growth opportunities

By Jennifer Abrams | October 1, 2021

A self-assessment of professional growth needs can help you work more productively.

Principals, here’s how to have hard conversations with younger teachers

By Jennifer Abrams | September 25, 2017

[embedyt][/embedyt] Teachers, to get advice on having hard conversations with your veteran administrator, read this previous blog post. Principals often tell me their entire workday is filled with fires to extinguish, a few challenging parent interactions, and a load of hard conversations. Some feel those communications are routine and don’t find them too difficult: “I […]

Does your professional learning experience have a ‘strong door’?

By Jennifer Abrams | August 22, 2017

[embedyt][/embedyt] I have a restauranteur friend, Lynn. Although we come from different industries and perspectives, we both believe a restaurant needs to have a “strong door”: the good feeling you get when you walk through the door and immediately feel welcomed. Within the first moments of your arrival, the strong door hostess greets you, positively manages your […]

Teachers, here’s how to have hard conversations with your veteran administrator

By Jennifer Abrams | August 15, 2017

[embedyt][/embedyt] We want to enthusiastically recognize those of you who have joined us in the field. Welcome! We have some amazing millennial teachers (born between 1980-2000) in our schools. Many of you are replacing our baby boomer teachers, who are quickly approaching retirement. As millennials, you have a valuable perspective to contribute to our […]