Godfrey Rangasammy

Godfrey Rangasammy currently serves as the K-12 science supervisor for Prince George’s County Public Schools, a large, diverse urban school district in Maryland. Rangasammy has 32 years of experience in P-20 science education. Rangasammy graduated from the College of Education at the University of Maryland with his Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. Rangasammy has taught P-20 Science (Biology, Chemistry and AP Chemistry, College Physical Science) in different parts of the world including Guyana, Caribbean, New York, Georgia, and Maryland. He leads an effort to help K-12 teachers help all students in Prince George’s County Public Schools, especially non-dominant student populations, make sense of their natural and designed world. Rangasammy is applying his graduate program research experiences and skills to implement with fidelity, a K-12 Next Generation Science Standards-aligned curriculum and resources. Concurrently, he is also designing and executing targeted, differentiated professional learning opportunities for his K-12 science teachers so that they can be supported on the pedagogical demands and shifts for the teaching and learning of the Next Generation Science Standards.

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Collecting evidence to share impact of professional learning: Districts share their stories

By Chad Sutton, Godfrey Rangasammy, Sara Monaco and Scott Feder | February 19, 2020

Professional learning is the key to increased student outcomes. As school districts design professional learning, it is critical to consider the specific challenge you are working to address, the professional learning interventions you will employ, and to carefully plan for how you will measure the impact of those interventions so as to know whether to […]