Dustin Toth

Dustin Toth is a distinguished educator with over 15 years of experience. Toth’s commitment to the Rock Hill community is evidenced by his intentional inclusion of students throughout the entire process of “Building the Hill.” The most notable is the development of the school’s core values: Integrity, Creativity, Service, Excellence, Empathy, and Unity which form the acronym “ICSEEU” and promise that every student will be seen, heard, and loved everyday. Toth began his career as a teacher and coach in Wylie ISD, Texas after graduating from Texas A&M University. Upon completion of the educational leadership program at Dallas Baptist University, he held several leadership positions including administrative intern, assistant principal, and principal (4 years).

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Welcoming your team to a new school year: Engaging all educators

By Avé Tatum, Crystal Cooper, Tara Isaacs and Dustin Toth | July 30, 2020

Welcoming five generations of educators (Generation Z, Millennials, Generation Xers, Baby boomers, and the Silent generation) into the workplace can be daunting under normal circumstances, so how exactly are leaders planning to engage and support the growth and development of all members of their faculty during a pandemic?