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Chelyse Stefanik-Miller

Chelyse Stefanik-Miller ( is the Professional Learning Specialists for Virginia Beach City Public Schools in Virginia Beach, VA.

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    What does it look like when students and adults develop and practice their social and emotional skills in a safe and equitable environment? What does it feel like to prioritize the well-being of individuals and the collective community? What might be required to accomplish such a vision? Virginia Beach City […]
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    We are always inspired by the creative and meaningful ways that Learning Forward members process and apply their learning to make changes in practice that improve students’ lives. Chelyse Stefanik-Miller, who is featured in this issue’s Member Spotlight, uses sketchnotes to synthesize the ideas she gains from professional learning. A professional learning specialist with Virginia […]
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    Current role: Professional learning specialist, Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Virginia Previous roles: Math specialist and math resource teacher; elementary and middle school teacher; K-12 music teacher Learning Forward member since: 2014 Work that caught our eye: A frequent participant in Learning Forward conferences and events, she uses sketchnotes, also […]
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